About Me


Hi, Dawn here....thanks for checking out my webpage! 

Welcome friends to the year 2018! Have you gotten through the last year, maybe 2 or more...living in pain or dysfunction? Perhaps an ache or pain that makes going to work or doing the things you once enjoyed difficult?

Let me tell you..you might be surprised what a therapeutic massage tune-up can do for the  body!

Contact me...lets discuss your current problem. Maybe I can help!

In my sessions, I use a blended approach to therapeutic massage by combining principles of traditional Western style massage (Swedish /Deep Tissue) with Tui Na from the East.
Tui Na, (aka Chinese Medical Massage ) was developed  over thousands of years in  China and used as an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
Often used in conjunction with Accupressure,  fire cupping and Guasha, this method of bodywork  is used to get Qi, or vital energy, moving throughout  the meridians and muscles of the body.
Knowing that each person is a unique individual,  it is my mission to cater sessions around each persons' specific needs.  Whether you are seeking relief from  physical or mental stressors, I will strive to work with you to fulfill your  goals. 
Don't put your pain off another year...give me a call!